Certification & Commitment

The ISO9001 international quality standard system certification and the implementation of the SA8000 corporate social responsibility standards enable us to use this reliable quality control system and also ensure the rights and welfare of workers.

「Quality Assurance」

From development proofing to production and shipment management, in addition to R&D expertise, we are pursuing higher product quality.


Facilities with equipment and practices for carbon footprint, green products, and environmental protection labels, and obtained multiple environmental protection label certifications, and is committed to improving the working environment of employees.

「Sustainable development」

Hydraknight practices social responsibility and provides innovative products and services to create value in the economic, social and environmental fields.
As a global corporate citizen, Hydraknight creates social value in a way that is consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Hydraknight will explore business opportunities that contribute to the achievement these goals.
HydraKnight has set green management goals as a reference for improving greenhouse gas emissions in the life cycle of products in the future, and is committed to minimizing the impact on the environment during product production.

「Sustainable development」

At Hydraknight, we have created social, environmental and economic value through sustainable management and have contributed to the promotion of global development. We are not only concerned with the financial value generated through business activities, but also the socio-economic and social impact. This is the actual value created by Hydraknight.