Quality Standards

Suitable for outdoor professional players.

The capacity is larger than bottles.

Anti-Microbial can extend the Expired date.

drinking systems


High Pressure Endurance

Eco-friendly TPU collection - the bladder filled in 80% water of capacity is no leaking or exploring even rolled over by 2Ton truck. It is highest testing standard of hydration industry.

Wide Opening Water Filing port

Through professional precision instrument test, our leak-proof cap can prevent leaking problems.

Anti-microbial Bite Valve uses easily

1. Water comes out only through biting slightly.
2. Bite valve self-seals under 2PSI.
3. Rotatable valve is in our collection.
4. Valve is easy to turn ON/OFF by one-hand or biting slightly.
5. The valve is with High Pressure Endurance, it won't be leaking from high pressure.


Color Difference
Regard limited sample as testing standard by visual inspection.
Pattern Quality
Regard limited sample as testing standard by visual inspection.
Covered the printing with 3M tape, printing won’t be removed after 3 times of sticking.
Color Shift
All accessories can not color shift after soaking 50% alcohol 24 hours. Tube and sleeve cannot color shift.
From the line of sight 30 CM, parallel visual 3 seconds, no obvious defects.
Printed drawings / words, imprinted words need to be the same as the standard sample.


Length of Tube

± 20mm   

Diameter of Tube

± 0.2mm  

Thickness of Film

± 0.02mm


The tolerance of location of printing drawing,words, debossing drawing
L<120 ±3
120≤L<315 ±5
315≤L<1000 ±8
1000≤L<2000 ±10

Size of water bladder shape

± 3mm      


± 60mm    


± 5%          


Raw Material
All materials must be compliance with the order specification (category / grade) requirements.
All raw materials contact with drinking water must be compliance with US FDA / EN, REACH / China GB.
Odor Taste
To clean the water bladder with water (25 ℃ ), filled with distilled water to capacity, standing 24 hours, then pour out the water which can not taste any odor.
Anti-Microbial agent is compliance with the US EPA standards. AATCC 147 Qualitative Test, Japanese Industrial Standard JIS Z 2801.
None anti-Microbial


Water Exiting Volume
The amount of water at the suction nozzle is at least 800 ml / mins under the pressure of 1 psi.
Leaking Test
Test by leaking detection test, need to reach the leak detection standards.
Thermal Cycling / Shock Test
Fill the water bladder to the indicated capacity, place into the constant temperature and humidity testing machine. (1)-25 ℃ / 6hrs (2)60 ℃ / 6hrs the water bladder functioning normally after left the machine and back to 25℃ .
Falling Test
Water bladder to the marked capacity, from 1.7 meters high free fall 2 times, water bladder function is good and normal use.
Loading Test
Water bladder fill in water to the marked capacity, placed 50kgs on the top of it for 8 hours, the water bag function is good and the use of normal.
Pulling Test
The strength need to more than 1kg/24lb for all parts connecting with the water bladders.


Bite Valve

Bite Valve can pass the test of 3000 times by biting test machine.

Test conditions set: Bite 3 seconds and release 1 second continuously.


Switch can pass the test of 3000 times by Switch test machine.

Test conditions set: push 3 seconds and pull 3 seconds continuously.

Intensity of Lamination
Reservoir depends on different materials, have to support 3.0-4.5 PSI inflatable test and the seam.
Bite Force
Bite force is less than 1 KG.
Suppliers should offer test report by each batch.
Insert /Pull Force
Valve, cap and other operation by hand, the insertion force is less than 4KG or torque is less than 20 Newton.


Appearance: According to MIL-STD-105 E table, the general test level Ⅱ , AQL10.1.0 for sampling.

Size: According to MIL-STD-105 E table, the special test level Ⅱ , AQL0.65 level for sampling.


Functional Testing: 1000pcs each time to take 1pc for test, and takes one if the total quantity is less than 1000pcs.

Durability: 1000pcs each time to take 1pc for test, and takes one if the total quantity is less than 1000pcs.


  1. Anti-microbial bladder is easily to clean and keep water pure.
  2. Anti-microbial bite valve is easily to clean. Mouth cover can prevent dust-stained, it is an additional selection.
  3. Water bladders can put in a refrigerators to freeze. Please dry the bladder before frozen it to prevent it to stick in refrigerators.
  4. Please avoid stabbing.
  5. If TPU colored liquid, it might be non-washable. The pigment will be leftover in TPU if the liquid storages more than 4 hours.
  6. There might be a little smelly in the manufactured process. Please clean with soda water.