Quality Standards

Suitable for all outdoor condition

Keep your valuables dry on the go

Durable waterproof fabric



Waterproof Bag

1. Tested by HKP level and reach A-AAA level and above.
2. Suitable for commute and traveling.
3. Airflow for back.
4. Reflective design for night safety.

Water Resistant Bag

1. Dedicated bladder lifting eye and pipe outlet.
2. Dedicated bladder layer.


Fabric appearance
No scratches and stains (visual 30cm, 3 seconds).
Fabric edge without fringe, color turn white ( After selvedge overstitch).
Fabric Color
The fabric color is the same as the color sample or pattern, allowing slight deviation. The definition of Slight deviation: non-batch order fabric, due to the different Vat dye caused by the normal deviation(1,000 Y / batch).
Welding Line
Welding line is not allowed to have a bright and edge with a flash. The detailed process will reference to the actual sample.
Strap texture and color consistent with the sample and chemical fiber strap is not easy to fringe with no yarn drawn out.
Color Fastness
Fabric, Strap, Lining, zipper fabric color fastness reached Level4. (Except for fluorescent and burning red).
PE board applied in outside of bag
Coarse grain of the PE board referenced in fabric appearance inspection standards, Fine grain and mirror polish allows slight scratches.
PE board applied in inside of bag
No serious scratches, no serious deformation of bending, deformation does not affect Normal use is limited;no foreign body, foreign body traces of the total area of 20 flat Square milliseconds below.
There is no serious bruise on the surface of the rivet when riveting.
Plastic Bracket
Lining Fabrics and Linking Tape
Screen Printing
Screen printing surface no stain over 0.5mm, thickness , color, consistently. The number of foreign bodies 3 or less (including 3) The edge with no serious serration (Fabric uneven, there will be a slight serration), silk-print with 3M tape close to the ink, the adhesive torn 3 times with no shedding phenomenon.


Bag length and width and other dimensions

Bag length and width requirements are controlled in following table (mm):
120<L<31 ±10.0
315≤L<1000 ±18.0
1000≤L<2000 ±25.0

Welding line width requirements

Welding line width dimension is required to be controlled in the following table (mm):
L<5 ±0.5
5≤L<8 ±1.0
8≤L<12 ±1.5

Waterproof bag surface LOGO and other decorative size requirements

Silk-print stamping position of the size requirements of the control in the following table (mm):
L<6 ±0.3
6≤L<30 ±0.4
30≤L<120 ±0.8
120≤L<315 ±2.0
315≤L<1000 ±4.0
1000≤L<2000 ±8.0

Waterproof bag surface LOGO and other decorative position size requirements

Silk-print stamping position of the size requirements of the control in the following table (mm):
L<6 ±1.0
6≤L<30 ±2.0
30≤L<120 ±3.0
120≤L<315 ±5.0
315≤L<1000 ±10.0
1000≤L<2000 ±18.0

Strap specifications and the length of use of the Strap on the waterproof bag

Strap width requirements ±1mm for the normal service, the thickness of ±0.5mm for normal service, length size requirements in the following table (mm):
L<120 ±5.0
120≤L<315 ±12.0
315≤L<1000 ±18.0


Test equipment inspection :
HydraKnight in-house weather laboratory.
Sample placed :
According to the normal working position of the sample hanging in the 1r / min rotating sample hook, the sample surface wind speed and rainfall to reach the corresponding data.
Rainfall description :
Heavy rain: Rainfall reach to 50mm and above per day/extremely heavy rain: Rainfall reach to 130mm and above per day/torrential rain: Rainfall reach to 200mm and above per day/extremely torrential rain: Rainfall reach to 350mm and above per day.
Wind speed description :
Judgement standard:
The product after testing the weather test without:
  1. Material damaged
  2. component damaged
  3. loose
  4. Any wetting phenomenon of the paper that putted in the product
  5. Water droplets from the opening seepage infiltration.

Grade of waterproof

The intensity of Reinforced pad

Reinforced pad by welding can bear tension 25kg and above.

The intensity of edge welding

Edge welding can bear tension 60kg/10cm and above.


The adhesion is consistent with the sample.


  1. 1000 times testing (10 cm/s, period 3s).
  2. Bear tension 25kg/10cm and above.
  3. Zip Slider can bear tension 7kg and above.


The seam with the hand pulled can bear 7KG and above.


In accordance with the user’s habit of using the waterproof bag 3 times without exception.


Appearance: Follow MIL-STD-105E standard, LEVEL II, AQL1.5.


Dimension: Follow MIL-STD-105E standard, LEVEL S-2,AQL1.0.


Performance: 1pc/1000pcs.

Package: Testing 1~2 boxes by batches.