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Get close to nature! “To subvert the traditional outdoor.” HydraKnight Innovation Co., Ltd was established in 1992 by becoming the world’s first water bladder OEM as the goal. The company has rapid rise in the Taiwanese Market with a number of patents and great production capacity. As a designer, one of my favorite hobbies is mountain climbing. During the early stages of my career, I resided in Japan where I learned a lot about precision mechanical designing techniques. Because I am a huge fan of outdoor activities and sports, I’ve decided to focus my inventions in this field. My first challenge was to design a travel sized, and environmentally friendly hydration pack suitable for hikers and athletes. With the knowledge and skills that I’ve obtained, I was able to come up with a design that has successfully met American standards. The dilemma of not being able to design a product like this in Taiwan has finally been resolved. “As a manufacturer of outdoor products, things that we use in our everyday lives, it is important to have some basic knowledge of outdoor living. Otherwise it is difficult to design a product to specifically match our needs.” That’s why, during my days off, I am always looking for friends to either go hiking or cycling in Tibet. This is where the experience comes from. Today, HYDRAKNIGHT innovation Co., Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer of the hydration pack with Asia being the backbone of this project. We are constantly inventing new ideas, and creating job opportunities.
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