Research and Development

Hydraknight continues to develop and expand strategic products for water bladders and waterproof bags, with a high market share performance worldwide. With superior technology and innovative design, we have consolidated our leading position in water bladders and waterproof bags.
  • find products are obviously lacking in the market
  • products that consumers feel need improvement
  • Study and discuss the feasibility of the case by using past experiences when reviewing a client’s request, conduct layout and sample creation/production
  • Continuous research and development, improvement of design changes
  • selection of environmentally friendly materials, energy saving and carbon reduction, recycling and implementation of environmental protection, refined research process, patent protection
  • According to customer or company test standards for product fastness or high and low temperature resistance, antibacterial experiments
  • Complete BOM, SOP, hold product briefing and complete acceptance.
  • Quality planning of products in accordance with ISO 9001 system operation specifications
  • Carry out trial production in small batches to improve the mass production results of products