Quality Standards

Made of antimicrobial high elastic heat-resistant material

Material meets international FDA grade

Taiwan SGS test method



Antimicrobial Treatment


BPA free bottle made up of taste-free material with high transparency and stronger intensity properties.

Impact Resistance

Better intensity (filled bottle falling from 1 meter will not break.) Easily screw the cap tight without a seal ring. Highly water-tight.


Color Difference
Regard limited sample as testing standard by visual inspection.
Pattern Quality
Pattern texture should be the same as standard sample.
3M tape with ink printing, stick 3 times, the printing won’t be removed.
Color Migration
The color of all the colorful components, should not shift after the components are immerged in alcohol for 24 hours.
Put the testing bottle at the distance of 30cm away from the view line; then keep a parallel visual observation for 3 seconds to judge qualification if no obvious flaws.
Printing pattern/wording, embossed pattern/wording must be the same as the standard sample.
The part in contact with mouth and the handling part under normal use, should not be sharp or scratch hands.


Thickness of Bottle

± 0.7mm


The tolerance of location of printing drawing, words, debossing drawing
L<120 ±3
120≤L<315 ±5
315≤L<1000 ±8

Size of Bottle shape

± 3mm   


Raw Material
All materials must be compliance with the order specification (category / grade) requirements.
All raw material contact with drinking water must be compliance with US FDA / EU EN, REACH / China GB.
To clean the water bladder with water(25℃), filled with distilled water to indicate the capacity, standing 24 HRS, pour out the water can not have strange taste.Anti-Microbial agent is compliance with the US EPA standards.


Water Exiting Volume
It should reach at least 800ml /min under the testing condition of inner pressure at 1psi.
Leaking Test
Fill water in the bottle to the marked max. scale line, then put the bottle upside down on the plain surface for 8 hours,water should not leak from the bottle during this period.
Environment Test
Fill water in the bottle to the marked scale line, then put it in the constant temperature and humidity testing machine.
Falling Test
Fill water into the bottle to the marked scale line, then drop it from the height of 1meters three times, the bottler should remain normally functioning to be qualified.
Pulling Test
All the joint components of the bottle should not be pulled off under the pulling strenghth less than or equal to 7kg / 15 lb.


Bite Valve
Bite Valve can pass the test of 3000 times by biting test machine. Test conditions set: Bite 3 seconds and release 1 second continuously.
Waterlock Valve
Valve can pass the test of 3000 times by valve test machine.Test conditions set: push 3 seconds and pull 3 seconds continuously.


Appearance: According to MIL-STD-105 E table, the general test level Ⅱ , AQL10.1.0 for sampling.

Size: According to MIL-STD-105 E table, the special test level Ⅱ , AQL0.65 level for sampling.

Functional Testing: 1000pcs each time to take 1pc for test, and takes one if the total quantity is less than 1000pcs.

Durability: 1000pcs each time to take 1pc for test, and takes one if the total quantity is less than 1000pcs.


(1)How to select materials:
According to your demand, plastic bottle for durable and lightweight requirement, thermal bottles with stylish look leave an outstanding impression.
(2)Are there any precautions for cleaning the bottles?
Durable stainless bottle, double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention.
(3)Are there any useful suggestion for cleaning the bottles?
We recommend hand washing, just use water with bottle brush or sponge, it’s also dishwasher safe.
(4)New bottle always smells not well?
No plastic taste basically, if you think the water from reservoir tastes unpleasant, fill with 45°C warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda or lemonade for cleaning.
(5)Most of the hydraknight bottles and water bladder is antibacterial additives included.
FDA approved, eliminate the growth of becteria and mould.
(6)What is BPA ? How to identify BPA before buying?
The release of BPA is related to water temperature, it is released 55 times more rapidly in hot water, exposure to BPA is a concern because of possible health effects of BPA on the brain. Check BPA-free stamp on the bottom of the bottle before you buy it, make sure it was certified by third-party certification.