Corporate Philosophy

HydraKnight is committed to establishing an all-encompassing organization of outdoor equipment with an excellent design team, advanced manufacturing equipment and professional global management. Our company provides great consumer satisfaction with a focus on innovation; with more convenient, user friendly and lightweight functions. We present the latest products to customers every year in bicycle exhibitions and outdoor products exhibitions in Taiwan, China, Germany, the United States, and Japan.

「Our Promise」

provide eco friendly products

make good use of resources

maintain a clean environment

restore a healthy planet


Quality Management

.ISO 9001 Quality Management System

.Eco- Friendly engineering for energy, materials, product structure, use, and waste/recycling


Eco-friendly materials

.Use green materials

.Use energy-saving equipment


Excellent working environment

.SA8000 Corporate Social Responsibility Management System

.Respect human rights

.Complies with Labor laws


Environmental management

.ISO14000 Environmental Management System

.Prevent possible environmental problems during product life cycle

.Improve production technology

.Reduce energy consumption and waste of raw materials


Detect carbon emissions

.Conduct carbon footprint analysis for water bottles

.Environmental certification

Complete carbon inventory